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10 Products you didn’t know you needed for your new puppy

10 Products you didn’t know you needed for your new puppy

If you’re bringing home a new puppy chances are you’ve already purchased a bed, leash, food bowl, chew toys and treats. But there are a lot of underrated products that can make your job as a new pet parent just so much easier. Here are our top 10 favorite, but often overlooked puppy products you didn’t know you needed.

1. First Aid Kit

Having a pet friendly first aid kit is often overlooked but very important part of any pet parents gear, both at home and when out on hikes and walks. You can purchase pet first aid kits that come with things like scissors, gauze, bandages and antiseptics. They’re great for when accidents happen and often come with a manual for pet first aid.  

Most first aid kits however are more tailored towards those rare accidents rather than your everyday needs. That’s why we always beef up our first aid kit with Skin Aid Spray and Skin Care Ointment.  You can think of Skin Aid Spray like Bactine or another first aid antiseptic while Skin Care Ointment can work like a Polysporin. Both of these products have the added bonus of being natural, non-toxic and totally clean.

When your pooch gets a cut, scrape, or minor wound you want to first clean out the wound with Skin Aid Spray to prevent infection. Afterwards you can apply Skin Care Ointment to help the wound heal and product soothing effects to the area. It will also help to prevent debris from entering the cut. However you can apply a bandage overtop of the area if your dog will tolerate it.

2. Microfiber towel 

A microfiber towel is a simple must have especially out on walks where your dog may get wet. The microfiber nature of the towel makes it pack light and offers superior absorbency to traditional towels. It helps us to dry off our pooch before entering the car our house and is great after bath time.

3. Doggy seat belt

You wear a seatbelt and your dog should too. Dog seat belts provide safety to your dog in the case of an accident, but what many people don’t know is that they help keep you safe too. In the event of a car crash at 50 mph, a 10-pound, unrestrained dog generates 500 pounds of projectile force and a In a 30-mph crash, an 80-pound dog would become a 2,400-pound flying projectile!

Look for safety harnesses that have thick, padded straps to distribute the impact force as widely as possible. Tethers should be short and secure at the dog’s back, not the neck. Your dog should be able to comfortably sit upright or lie down while restrained.

4. Deodorizer

There’s no need for smelly dogs. There are a few things that can cause a smelly dog including a bad diet, food allergies, and intolerances and a build up of bacteria and moisture on the skin and fur . When dogs start to smell its usually because of a build up of bacteria.

NaturPet Outdoor spray naturally has absorbent properties to soak up moisture that allows bacteria and yeast to grow. While natural essential oils provide a fresh scent and help to eliminate odor causing bacteria. It even leaves your pet with a shiny coat from the natural oils.

5. Preventative Health Care Products

You hate vet bills and you hate seeing your pet suffer even more. Health care is usually something most pet owners think about once the problem has already occurred; whether its parasites, pet anxiety, loosing their fur or brittle nails and cracked paws. That’s why we make natural remedies for most common pet ailments.

Intesti Care is a natural treatment for parasites and supports good digestive health. Taken daily with your dogs food it support it creates an inhospitable environment for parasites and pathogens.

Skin & Coat provides pets with important fats and fat soluble vitamins that keep their skin and coat beautiful from the inside out. Great for pets that shed, have brittle paws and nails, or have dry lack luster coats. It also helps with many other aspects of your pets health including brain health and keeping their joints healthy.

Be Calm is a wonderful product for young pets with ample energy as well as stressed out pets. It gently calms pets to help with excitable puppies, stressful scenarios like car rides, vet visits and separation.

6. Stain remover & Scent Remover

Puppies make messes. And you’re going to want to clean up those messes right. When they aren’t cleaned up properly the smell can leave them coming back for more. Look for pet-specific cleaners contain enzymes, which can help break down organic messes and help neutralize pet stains and smells. Even if you can’t smell the stain, keep in mind puppies noses are much stronger then ours so using the right products is essential to preventing future messes.

7. Paw Wipes

Puppy paw wipes are essential part of a puppy go bag. Great for the car, hikes, rainy days and mud puddles. They quickly wipe up dirty paws to protect your car, floor or couch from paw prints.

8. Doggy go bag

There is a lot to take with you when you have a new puppy. Treats, chew toys, leash, poop bags, collar and harness, paw wipes, Be CalmOutdoor sprayPaw Protector, First Aid Kit ( with Skin Aid Spray and Skin Care Ointment), water and portable water bowl, and for longer trips puppy pee pads, stain remover, food. Find a bag you can carry all your essentials in so that you’re always ready to go and never forget or misplace any essentials.  

9. Back seat protector

Back seat protectors are a great way to keep fur, mud, accidents and smells off your car. They are easy to install and easy to clean as well as make your backseat more comfortable for your puppy.

10. Brush glove

Brush gloves are great for pets who hate brushing but love pets. The silicon glove conforms to your hand, so it feels like a pet rather than a brush. The silicon grooves gently attract hair making it super easy to brush even the fussiest of pets.


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