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12 Products You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your Kitten

Maybe you’ve just brought home a new kitten, or maybe you want to make your life as a adult cat parent a little easier. With new pet products being created all the time, we've found some new products out there that are truly game changers. Want to solve stinky litter or scratched furniture?  We’ve found a few things that might solve your most dreaded kitty problems or will enrich your kitty's life. 

1. First Aid Kit

Having a pet friendly first aid kit is often overlooked but very important part of any pet parents gear, both at home and if you have an adventure kitty that comes on walks or hikes. You can purchase pet first aid kits that come with things like scissors, gauze, bandages and antiseptics. They’re great for when accidents happen and often come with a manual for pet first aid.

Most first aid kits however are more tailored towards those rare accidents rather than your everyday needs. That’s why we always beef up our first aid kit with Skin Aid Spray and Skin Care Ointment. You can think of Skin Aid Spray like Bactine or another first aid antiseptic while Skin Care Ointment can work like a Polysporin. Both of these products have the added bonus of being natural, non-toxic, and totally clean.

When your kitty gets a cut, scrape, or minor wound you want to first clean out the wound with Skin Aid Spray to prevent infection. Afterwards you can apply Skin Care Ointment to help the wound heal and provide soothing effects to the area. It will also help to prevent debris from entering the cut. However, you can always apply a bandage overtop of the area if your kitty will tolerate it.

2. Cat Scratch Tape

Probably the most common complaint among cat owners is that they scratch the furniture. Your cat means well. Scratching helps them to remove the dead outer layer of their claws, to mark their territory, and to help them stretch. Rather than trying to completely eliminate scratching, you want to redirect their scratching to their scratching post while discouraging scratching your furniture.

Cat Scratch Deterrent Tape is a kind of tape that is sticky and uncomfortable for your cat. Use it to cover up areas you don’t want scratched like your couch. After a while your cat will become accustomed to using their post instead of your furniture so you should be able to remove the tape. 

If you don’t like the look of tape or you find it difficult to apply to the desired surface you can use a scratching deterrent. Scratching deterrent’s are usually made with scents your cat doesn’t like such as citrus, citronella, lavender, peppermint, and menthol.

3. Litter

Probably the second biggest complaint among cat owners is the litterbox.

There are now so many options to choose from that there is no need to settle for the traditional dusty smelly clay litter. As it turns out traditional kitty litter might not be that great for your cat’s health. Each time your cat goes to do its business it breaths in a bit of the dust from the litter. Over time chronic inhalation can cause irritation, allergies, and even asthma. There is also risk of your cat ingesting some of the litter. Often the litter will get stuck between their paws and nails. As they try to remove the clay, they will often end up ingesting some of it. The problem is that the clay once ingested, it expands to more than 15 times its original size! This can be quite dangerous, and can potentially cause a blockage in their digestive system and will require a trip to the vet. 

Luckily, there are some great alternatives that are earth-friendly, healthy, chemical free, and offer great odor control.

Tofu Litter

There are some great tofu litters out there . It sounds a bit odd at first but it offers some great benefits. This litter is biodegradable and made from 100% soybeans. This means that you can even flush it down the toilet! It's really light and lasts a lot longer than traditional litter, while also being totally safe for your cat and great at reducing odors.

Pine Pellets

There are also pine pellets available from several different brands. They are more absorbent than clay, they have a natural pine scent, are great at neutralizing odors, and are ecofriendly. The most important part, they are safe for your pet!

4. Litter box

We couldn’t cover litter without covering the litter box. Many owners will try to hide their litterbox out of sight to keep it from view, as they are not typically the most attractive part of the décor. But it turns out there are many more attractive and cleaner litter solutions.

This minimalist litterbox is designed to be sleek and minimal so you don't have to worry about hiding it out of sight. The circular exit has a mesh tray that helps to prevent litter from spilling on the floor as your kitty exits the litter box so your floors are kept clean. 

We also found some nice litter box cabinets that blend right into your furniture such as this cat washroom that can easily blend in as a washroom storage cabinet. 

5. Pet Hair Broom

This pet hair broom is wonderful for both cat and dog owners. It may look simple but many pet owners swear by its ability to pick up fur that even the vacuum leaves behind.  It attracts fur with its rubber edge and bristles. It works on lots of surfaces including carpet! 

6. Ripple Rug

The ripple rug is a unique type of cat toy that doubles as a bed, hiding place, scratching spot, burrowing spot, and a fun place to play. A lot of people report feeling underwhelmed at first glance –  it really looks like a scrap of carpet. But once their cat starts using it they really get how great this toy/shelter is. The creators really put a lot of small details in to make it just right for kitties. All the materials are clean and non-toxic, its slip resistant, easy to clean, and has safety slits so you can adjust the holes for bigger cats.

7. Outdoor shelter

If you decide to have an indoor-outdoor cat it can be difficult to know when they want to come in to warm up. And what if they want to come in when you’re not home? We found some great outdoor cat shelters that are perfect for this including this adorable cat cabin,  this fancy cat condo, and this simple heated shelter.

8. Cat Doorbell

While we’re on the topic of outdoor cats, this cat doorbell is a great way to alert you when your kitty is ready to come inside. It uses motion sensors to alert you of their presence and you can set it to different tones to suit your taste. 

9. Cat Tracker

Cat trackers are great for outdoor cats, cat walks, and for indoor cats who like to escape. There are a lot of different options on the market with different pros and cons. Depending on your use you may find different trackers work better or worse for you. Some trackers offer longer range tracking better suited for outdoor cats who like to wander during the day but may offer slightly longer delays in updated time. While others may update much more frequently but only work when your cat is in close range and better suited for owners who take their cats on walks or who live with escape artists.

Our two favorites were the Girafus Pro-Track-Tor for its long range, great battery life, and no subscription. We also liked the Weenect, a bit large for some cats, but it uses GPS tracking so it has no range limit, it is waterproof, and allows you to setup a virtual fence.

10. Cat Playgrounds

Stimulation and play is key to healthy brain development and a well behaved cat. Many undesirable behaviors are a result of boredom; so, by providing adequate play time and toys you’ll have a healthier, better adjusted cat.

Catit makes some really cool cat playground products including a digger, ball circuits, scratchers, and food trees. They also have a wellness center that gives your cat surfaces to groom, massage, and brush their teeth. You can even add catnip to it for an added treat. There’s also a cat grass planter that is specifically designed to prevent your cat from tipping over the pot and spilling dirt everywhere. The grass supports healthy digestion and keeps them out of your house plants.  We love the way all these pieces fit together to give your cat a whole playground to play with.

11. Cat Harness and Leash

Although it still might be a bit strange to see someone out for a walk with their cat, it's certainly becoming more common. Having time outside to explore new sights, sounds and smells, to get exercise and fresh air is great for their health and development. Having a harness and leash is a great way to keep your kitty safe outdoors while also allowing them room for exploration.

12. Natural Health Care Products

You hate vet bills and you hate seeing your pet suffer even more. Health care is usually something most pet owners think about once the problem has already occurred; whether its parasites, pet anxiety, asthma, or dry cracked paws. That’s why we make natural remedies for most common pet ailments.

Intesti Care

Intesti Care is a natural treatment for parasites and supports good digestive health. Taken daily with your cat’s food it creates an inhospitable environment for parasites and pathogens. We highly recommend this as a daily support for all outdoor cats. 

Be Calm

Be Calm is a wonderful product for young pets with ample energy as well as stressed out pets. It gently calms to help with excitable kittens, stressful scenarios like car rides, vet visits, and separation stress.

Hairball Care

Hairball Care helps hairballs to pass smoothly by stimulating the digestive system. It loosens hairballs to help them pass. It's also a great product to have on had if your pet gets into something they shouldn’t. It will help improve digestion and relieve discomfort as well as help things to pass naturally.

Lung Care

Cat respiratory concerns are more common than you think. Many cats react to allergens such as chemical cleaners, scents, smoke, and dust. Lung Care supports the respiratory system for a variety conditions like wet and dry cough, asthma, kennel cough, para-influenza.

Paw Protector

Paw Protector is great for all your outdoor kitties. It moisturizes and protects paws from hot cement and chemicals on the road like road salt that can burn and dry out paws. It's lick safe so you don't have to worry about curious kitties. 

We'd love to hear from you. What were your favourite products you didn't already know about? Did we miss any must haves? Let us know in the comments below. 


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