The Dr. Maggie brand is a line of pet supplements and topical products. Through our research, we have identified specific nutritional solutions that have been proven extremely effective in the prevention and treatment of many common conditions. Our Dr. Maggie line utilizes these supplements to improve the quality of life for pets suffering from skin conditions, excessive shedding, and joint conditions.

June 9, 2021

Ever wonder why we don’t make chewable supplements?There are many easy to deliver natural health products for pets in treat form on the market such as joint treats. Your pet gobbles them up and it makes the medicine go down easily! What’s not to love? Well, actually there is a lot not to love.  The problem is,

January 28, 2021

Maybe you’ve just brought home a new kitten, or maybe you want to make your life as a adult cat parent a little easier. With new pet products being created all the time, we’ve found some new products out there that are truly game changers. Want to solve stinky litter or scratched furniture?  We’ve found