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How Can I Improve My Cat & Dog's Joint Health

By Trina Links December 31, 2022

The Differences Between NaturPet Joint Care, NaturPet Ligaments & Muscles, and Dr. Maggie Joint Formula.

NaturPet and Dr. Maggie have many joint health-promoting products. We often get asked what the differences are between Joint Care, Ligaments & Muscles and Joint Formula. This video breaks down the major differences between these three products so you know which product is best for your pet and how to safely and effectively combine products for the best results.

NaturPet Joint Care

Joint Care can help improve the health of your pet's joints by relieving the symptoms of arthritis in dogs and cats including pain, inflammation, and lack of mobility. It does this by eliminating damaging acids and toxins, reducing pain and inflammation, and improving mobility.

When To Start Giving Joint Supplements To Your Cat Or Dog

It is best to start using these products gradually when your dog or cat is starting to reach an age where they may be at risk for mobility and joint issues. For dogs, this is usually around the age of five or six, and for cats, it is around the age of nine or ten. In breeds that are more prone to joint issues, it may be a good idea to start even earlier.
Inflammation is the body's immune system's response to an irritant and is a way of healing a wound, injury, illness, or infection. While it can be helpful in promoting healing, it becomes harmful when it is chronic or causes pain and inflammation. There are many causes of inflammation including lifestyle, food, allergies, toxins, calcification, nutritional deficiencies, and others. Calcification is the accumulation of calcium salts in tissues, which can harden in an area and limit range of motion. It can occur in different areas of the body such as joints and tendons, and can cause pain and irritation in the joints. Toxins can also build up in the body and can cause joint pain and inflammation and muscle aches. Joint care contains ingredients such as devil's claw, boswellia, turmeric, burdock root, gotu kola, black cohosh, stinging nettle, and bentonite clay, which are all excellent for reducing pain and inflammation, decalcifying the joints, and removing toxins.

NaturPet (Arrowleaf Pet) Ligaments & Muscles

Ligaments & Muscles is another product in the nature pet line that is great for helping to keep your pet's joints healthy.  It contains ashwagandha, devil's claw, valerian root, horsetail, kelp, and marshmallow root. These herbs provide your pet with all the nutrients they need to repair injured tissues and helps to keep the joints lubricated and control pain associated with chronic illness, traumatic injury, and other conditions. It targets pain and inflammation, and also has a calming effect to help your pet deal with the stress of pain or injury or coming out of surgery, which can be very stressful and disrupt sleep patterns. The mucilage from marshmallow root is moisturizing and helps to coat tissues, reducing inflammation and helping them to heal. The silica in horsetail improves calcium absorption, which can help to heal bones if there has been an injury and also helps with collagen formation to speed up the healing of bones, cartilage, joints, and skin and build up cushioning in joints. It also contains trace minerals such as calcium, vitamin C, copper, and manganese, which strengthen bones, repair connective tissue damage, and reduce inflammation in joints.  Valerian root is a very calming herb that helps to soothe and relax a stressed pet and is also beneficial for reducing pain associated with tense ligaments and muscles. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that helps the body to deal with stress and pain and speeds up recovery, rebuilding strength while combating stress and promoting relaxation and improved sleep.  Ligaments & Muscles  is cat-friendly and can be used following surgery for both cats and dogs without the risk of increased bleeding.
Joint care and  Ligaments & Muscles can be used together, as they have complementary effects and can provide even more benefits when used together. Start with a quarter dose of each, working up to the full dose over the course of 2 weeks. 

Dr. Maggie Joint Care

Another question that we often get is whether traditional joint supplements containing glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin, MSN, and vitamin C can be used with herbal products like NaturPet Joint Care and NaturPet Ligaments & Muscles. Dr. Maggie Joint Formula contains all of these ingredients, and we suggest that they be used in conjunction with each other because Joint Formula is great for building cartilage and providing lubrication and cushioning between joints, while the herbal products work to support joint health in different ways.
Using all three products together will provide the greatest chance of having very healthy joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and give your pet the best chance to live a healthy, long life.
It is important to note that many pets do not show pain to their owners until they are in a lot of pain, which is why we recommend starting to supplement their diet with these products as they start to age. A smaller dose can be given as they approach middle age and increased as they get older to help ensure that your pets are in the best health for as long as possible and can continue to enjoy activities such as running and swimming into their geriatric years.

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